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Meet our horses.  These horses are more then just horses.  Each one of them is part of our family and has earned a very special place with us.  These gentle giants are great to work with and bring lots of smiles to our faces. 

Tip and Tim
Tip - Lead Horse (right) Tim - (left) Tip and Tim are a great team to work with. They are always
looking to make each event special. They especially love kids. When we take them to our school events
they want the kids to pet them. Tip and Tim have carried special visitors from the north pole to Christmas
events and listen to hear the children laugh.
Doc and Dillow
Doc - Lead Horse (right) Dillow - (left) What's up Doc? Doc wants to work and get his job done.
Dillow is always looking for how to have fun. They are an excellent team with years of experience and hundreds of events under their harness. These two love the parades and marching to the beat of the nearest drum.  Look for Doc and Dillow in your next parade.
Buddy and Bob
  • Bob - Lead Horse (right) Buddy - (left). Meet the tallest members of our team. Buddy and Bob stand way over 19 hands and make harnessing an aerobic event. Buddy and Bob make our even half dozen. We will be using them in our 6 hitch as the wheel team (or muscle).

  • Molly and Mac
  • Mac - Lead (right) Molly - (left) Meet the spotted team, Mac and Molly. These two do alot of weddings and get to hear the churchbells ring. When not out at an event they try to stay out of trouble at the barn.


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